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Wood Icing is a standalone product that is easy to use, friendly to the earth and full of creative potential. Just when you think you have imagined and tried every possible idea for texture, new and fabulous ways of creating original textures are revealed through fun experimentation with Wood Icing. 

The Wood Icing products are easy to use. Most people gasp in amazement when the process is revealed in their first class, but they quickly become aficionados and then what we affectionately call our "Wood Icing addicts". Once they start, they cannot stop!

Our two primary faux finish products are water based, Textura Paste and Fissure Size. Both can be applied to wood, metal, laminate cabinetry and furniture, Formica, and walls. We include complete instructions with every order to ensure your success with our furniture refinishing and faux finish decorative product.


Texture Paste: 

Textura Paste is a water-based acrylic product, which has the consistency of peanut butter. This may be spread with a spatula or trowel then impressions and designs are made with any number of objects or tools. Use foam rubber stamps, mesh, lace, and numerous other materials. Another option is to trowel Textura Paste through a stencil for a raised design. You may also apply our Textura Paste through a stencil directly onto bare or unfinished wood. Once it has been stained it is hard to tell the difference of real carved wood and a Wood Icing design. The Textura Paste should be allowed to dry overnight to a hard crispy surface, then sand to remove the high spots and clean up the surface. Stain, glaze or paint. Once the project is complete, apply two to three coats of protective polyurethane for the final finish. You may use oil-based or a water based polyurethane. Clean up with soap and water.



Fissure Size is an optional step, which is what causes our Textura Paste to crack. Brush on and allow it to dry to the touch. Apply Textura Paste over the top. Cracks will form as the paste dries. Run out of time before you get the Textura Paste on...Not to worry... Fissure Size will still create cracks in our Textura Paste no matter how long you wait. Put the paste on as soon as the Fissure Size is dry or wait 3 months... It will still create cracks when you spread the Textura Paste over the top of it!! If the design you have chosen does not require cracks and crevasses, then you should skip this step and move onto the Textura Paste. Clean up with soap and water.



                          The follwoing are the original designs created by Rose Wilde, Founder & Manufacturer of Wood Icing Product.



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